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300 Click for offerIn Suruc, a majority-Kurdish town 175 miles west of Nusaybin, a street vendor estimated that half the town’s Kurdish population had a relative who had gone to join the Kurdish militia in Syria. The Fed’s plans for future interest rate increases have become a concern for investors as stocks have stumbled in recent months. Markets slumped last month after the central bank raised rates and policymakers suggested it would continue on a course of tightening its monetary policy. Mr. Powell, acknowledging the market’s concerns that rising interest rates would dampen the economy, said the central bank could adjust its plans if conditions warrant.

Those are observations he will mine for the book. Some days, he is able to put in a full day writing. On dialysis days, he comes home drained. “I have to eat lunch — vitamin L — and take a nap before I begin to feel I’m able to do work. When I do, it’s late in the day.” But there was hope that the votes could usher in a more cooperative phase in a crisis that has so far been marked almost entirely by partisan posturing; if both measures fall short, the votes could add new energy to efforts to negotiate a bipartisan compromise. With the shutdown now in its fifth week, the pressure is growing on both parties to reopen the government.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEOthers are finding deals in the demand from companies and people eager to offset their carbon footprint. Near Mr. Eggertsson’s farm, Reynir Kristinsson this year planted 200,000 native birch trees on 700 acres of volcanic flatland that his nongovernmental organization, Kolvidur, leases from the state. The president’s principal emotion in the face of dictators is envy. He is a would-be King Ubu for whom self-aggrandizement never self-aggrandizes quite enough.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“We’re way past the point of being coy,” said Joe Klein, who himself wrote an anonymous novel, “Primary Colors,” inspired by President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. “You have decorated military officers getting death threats.” The song, which exorcised his grief in a torrent of fidgety guitars, frantic beats and haunted vocals, has been streamed more than 3.5 million times on Spotify, and its video has about 850,000 views on YouTube. In December, he won the Critics’ Choice 2019 Brit Award (Britain’s equivalent to the Grammys).

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Wedding attire has taken a cue from casual Fridays. “Men have gotten more comfortable embracing specialty clothing,” said Justin Berkowitz, the men’s fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. “Linen or cotton are go-tos because of their soft constructions. We’re seeing unlined or half-lined jackets with softer shoulders because it’s less-restricted and it’s conforming to your shape as opposed to making you a different shape.” 8. Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl, our football reporter looks at how the host city — Atlanta, the cradle of the civil rights movement — is serving as a fitting backdrop for the complicated social and racial issues that have been roiling the N.F.L. Above, Patriots players and friends visit Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home.

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No other Chinese tech company has succeeded on the global internet like Bytedance. The country’s vibrant social media platforms and viral video apps have had little success elsewhere beyond the Chinese diaspora. In a time when some in Washington are trying to pry apart the close economic ties between the United States in China, the two countries already live in different worlds when it comes to cyberspace. Rain was in the air in Melbourne Park — a few drops fell late in the third set, prompting the roof to be closed for the end of the match. But Osaka can create her own weather system, and the storm clouds were gathering between her ears in the second set as Kvitova became more aggressive with her groundstrokes and pushed Osaka deeper behind the baseline.

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The Deutsche Bank investment fund agreed to sell the office complex to a limited liability company called Willow Project, the people said. Some bank officials worried about the problematic appearance of doing business with a company they believed was owned by Vitaly Yusufov, the son of the former energy minister under President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. I still don’t know what really happened with Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, and neither do you.

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The German Aerospace Center (DLR) developed another primary Mars InSight instrument, the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe (HP3), which will drill up to 16 feet (5 meters) below the surface to measure how temperature changes the deeper it goes. This will allow scientists to check out which radioactive elements have existed on Mars both today and in the past.  Is the border wall ethical? President Trump has suggested the wall is moral and those who oppose it immoral. His critics claim the opposite.

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