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300 Click for offerThe E.P.A. has for decades required testing on a variety of animals — including rats, dogs, birds and fish — to gauge their toxicity before the chemicals can be bought, sold or used in the environment. Yet, seizing on every piercing chord and astringent harmony, he also brought out boldly the contemporary elements of Poulenc’s musical language, which subtly draws from diverse styles including modal French sacred music, Impressionist colorings and Neo-Classical fanfares and chorales, even sly hints of salon room insouciance during scenes in which aristocrats lament their political predicament.

I’m certainly not an expert in feminism, or totalitarianism, or the Bible, and the people in the show are, so I have to bring in people. And I think the biggest assumption that I can make that’s going to screw me is to assume I know what it’s like. The seemingly improved relations between the United States and North Korea that followed the summit in Singapore last year between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump have worsened considerably in recent months.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEMichael S. Schmidt contributed reporting. After noting a report that Biden had asked President Barack Obama not to endorse him, Stephen Colbert joked that he must be furious that his former boss had somehow snuck into his latest ad (which, as Colbert showed, was extremely Obama-oriented).

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“I’m quite enthusiastic that because of the attention to this history, more people are going to come forward to contribute bits and pieces and documentation,” he said. _____________________

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Another video showed crew members retreating up a staircase to escape dozens of angry passengers in the ship’s atrium, many of whom could be seen holding their phones over their heads to record the mayhem. The man being booed was the captain, the passengers said. The report offers a kind of anatomy of social influence in Britain’s power structure.

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In New York magazine, Madeleine Aggeler wrote “A Guide to All the Indistinguishable Men Running for President.” Under a picture of Steve Bullock, the governor of Montana, she wondered, “O.K., this is clearly just Michael Bennet with a wig and a different name?” Under a picture of John Delaney, Aggeler offered a tip to remember which unmemorable white guy he is: “He looks like if a thumb split from the other fingers and went to dine at Hooters alone.” Jeffrey A. LiebermanNew YorkThe writer is chairman of the department of psychiatry at Columbia University.

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But the bookstore wouldn’t last. As in dozens of cities across America, racial tensions in Buffalo boiled over during the “long, hot summer” of 1967. By the end of June, many young black residents of Cold Springs, fed up with what they saw as structural inequality, police brutality and a lack of economic opportunity, took to looting and rioting. “Every year for seven consecutive years, our graduation grew, and it grew four times faster than the national average. We outpaced the country in college acceptance and attendance.”

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Electric scooters and electric bikes will be allowed in New York State, except for Manhattan. She created campaigns to inform farmworkers, food processing plant workers and nail salon workers about their rights under anti-discrimination laws, as well as occupational health and safety laws. She led litigation against Facebook for its algorithms that enabled employers to discriminate by gender in help-wanted ads; Facebook settled the case this year, agreeing to stop such sex-based ad targeting.

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